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Janet Fryer - Artist 

I have been very fortunate to collaborate with Janet Fryer and have her produce all the beautiful artwork for gracesea t-shirts. Janet, originally from England, is a prolific artist who would describe herself as having 'itchy fingers'. Being the creative soul that she is, her artwork includes clay/wood sculptures, large canvas pieces, designing clothes, and currently making handmade custom leather hobo bags.

Janet has created over 20 original art pieces for gracesea t-shirts.

They are amazing both in their choice of color, movement, and depiction of beautiful creatures, beautiful places, beautiful moments.

It is my hope that there will be an image you personally connect to.


Marielena Verdugo - Photographer 

Marielena Verdugo is a third generation Laguna Beach local who at a very young age began her journey as a photographer. Mari is most 

comfortable in and around the sea and is called a mermaid by those 

closest to her. When asked why, she explains, 'The noise and the problems of life just disappear when you're in the water. You can just focus on feeling the water on and around you'.  

This truly is a beautiful moment that many who love the sea experience.

Mari's photography,  passion, time and effort have been an invaluable contribution in the process of bringing Gracesea to life. 

Thank you cous!

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